Make-up and me

This area is not my forte. I only know how to use the basic stuff – light brown eyeshadow, black eyeliner, black mascara (one coat), blush. Takes up 5-10 minutes of my morning routine before work. If I go out at night, I’ll use an eyeshadow that is 2 shades of a darker brown, apply my eyeliner slightly thicker, and try a little harder with my mascara (which just means making sure they are curled, and taking more time applying my first coat). I’d like to think I don’t need as much because my natural beauty radiates from the inside (*cut to readers gagging*).

My Mom on the other hand, is a pro. That doesn’t mean that she cakes on the stuff. She knows how to blend colours, apply highlights, use different brushes… Basically just a girl. My little sister is also equally as talented with cosmetics, which makes me wonder, what happened to me? I must have missed that little code in my DNA. I guess in order to get better, one must practice. But, I’m lazy. I would rather do almost anything else, instead of sitting in front of the mirror, playing. Part of the reason is because I don’t want to waste it, but the other part, doesn’t know where in the world to start!

(I’m lucky that N doesn’t like a lot of make up.)

Recently, I’ve been active on Pinterest, and I’ve suddenly become hooked on blue, turquoise, and white eyeliners. Here are some of the pictures I’ve been staring at from there :

I guess looking at them started a chain reaction in my XX chromosomes, and got me hunting for these colours. So today, I went shopping with my “personal make-up artist” – Mommy 😀 (A little note to say that I LOVE my Mom. She is my bestest best friend, and the most amazing woman I know). After visiting a few counters (blue eyeliner isn’t as common as you think), we stopped at M.A.C (perfect for colours), had some test trials, and bought these:

Look at those pretty colours 😀 I feel like such a girl. I feel like I’ve taken a little step into my adult heels, while still maintaining my 5-10 minute personal limit in the morning (I will not let myself become one of those women who needs to wake up earlier to get her face together).

(Just in case I need to declare this somewhere: I don’t own any of these images, and got them all from Pinterest and the M.A.C website)