I. Love. Food.

I’ve been a masochistic for the past 3 hours.  Inflicting painful self torture upon my growling stomach.  I’ve been surfing pictures of drool-worthy food on Pinterest, bookmarking recipes, constantly reminding myself of what I can’t eat.  A reason being my home kitchen closes after 8pm.  Bigger reason being that I can’t cook.  I know.  Shameful.  *hides quietly in corner*

I. Love. Food.   I. Love. Eating.

Love is really an understatement.  My life has been known to revolve around my stomach.  I don’t snack, but chow down during meal times.  I also have a confession that may make you hate me, even without knowing me (I think that will actually add onto the hatred).  I’m one of those annoying, almost-gravity-defying people, who can pretty much eat twice my own body weight without gaining a single pound.  I’m 163cm/5″4 and weigh 45kg/100lbs.  My biggest  feat (that I can remember) is eating 2 appetisers, followed by a 22oz steak (all meat, no bone), and having room for dessert (which I didn’t order because I had begun to freak myself out).  I have eaten to the point of throwing up.  Twice.  Science says I have high metabolism.  N is convinced I have worms.  The worm theory doesn’t really scare me.   I don’t get sick, I feel fine, nothing seems to be wrong with me health-wise (okay, except for high cholesterol).  We seem to have a endosymbiotic relationship.  Happy worms = Happy P  🙂

If you picture a heat-sensing missile searching and locking onto its target.  That’s me when I’m near food.  I have to find the biggest/yummiest/fullest/perfect piece.  I’m not rude when it comes to food though.  My muscles don’t reflex immediately to grab it (my parents have brought me up with manners).  I am a civil eater.  Although my friends and my love know to clear the path for me.  It takes a lot for, and out of me to share.  When I offer my Dad something, his first reaction is to say, “you’re either full or it’s not good.”  It’s sad, but true.  It’s more often the latter.

I haven’t always been a happy eater.  My parents will be the first to testify my aversion to food when younger.  They have to find ways to manipulate me to eat.  Seems like I am more than making up for all those meals now  😉

(Just in case I need to declare this somewhere: I don’t own any of these images, and got them all from Pinterest)


Fauchon Chocolate Truffles

My newest discovery today.

My coworker got a box from her client (I’d be lucky if my client even gave me feedback on time), and gave me one.  Not a fan of chocolate pieces, bars, candy, etc but thought I’d try one.

Oh. Em. Gee.

These are THE MOST amazing chocolates I have ever had the guilt-free pleasure of devouring!!

Want. More. Now.

I’m going to Paris next month so I’m hoping my lovely N will take me for some more  😉