I need a change

I hate my job. Okay, maybe “hate” is too strong a word, but there are times when I feel it’s an understatement. I work in advertising. Don’t get me wrong, advertising is an exciting, fast paced, action packed industry that young people should experience. Advertising and I have a love-hate relationship. At the end of it all, I’m really glad I started here. I really recommend it to fresh, young, (especially single), energetic people. No day is the same, and anything and/or everything can change from one minute to the next. If you’re one of those who likes a little spice in your life, advertising is perfect. If I was still single and had different clients, I think I’d still love it. You may think that at 29, I am still one of these “young people.” I’m not. Especially as I’m finding that priorities are changing from career, to ME. Advertising is like a child. A needy, spoiled child. It comes first before everything. You spend all your time planning, either following the rules or tweaking them with the intention of keeping the child quiet and happy. Just when you think you’ve given it just enough candy…

WAAH!!! Sugar high! You’ve given it too much! Now it won’t stop running around, screaming – either at things or you, or both.

Or, WAAH!!! The kid didn’t want purple candy today, it wanted the green and orange striped one! Now it’s throwing itself onto the floor, kicking and throwing a tantrum for everyone (especially the “elders”) to see.

Or WAAH!!! It was full with the candy, and wanted something else to do to occupy itself.

Or, one of the “elders” gives you another brat or two to deal with. WAAH!!! WAAH!!!

You may be rolling your eyes and shaking your head at me, but this isn’t hyperbole. The larger your client, the larger the snotty child is. Every so not-very-often does the advertising deity bless you with a child who has passed the terrible twos. I was absent when this blessing was given.

It’s almost 2:50am, and I’m at the studio. A dark room, starting at 3 screens, with two of my bosses, and I’ve been here since 11am. My big boss just said I’m going to be here until 6am. Did I mention I have to come back at 10am?

My enjoyment and passion for this industry has waned. The money (which isn’t a lot) isn’t worth all the pain, and doesn’t come anywhere near compensating for the healthy, happy, sane life I’m missing out on. An industry promoting products whose existence are based upon lies (I work on food. Not even the packaging is real sometimes). It doesn’t care about me, nor I about it. I want something bigger than a career in this industry. I want a life! My life! I want to be excited about going to work in the morning, to push for the best from others and myself every day, to go to work with a smile, and return home with one. I want to be able to plan my life. To leave when “normal” people leave work, and rest on the weekends. I’m not a doctor, so why should I be on call??

Advertising will always have a special place in my heart, but right now, I need to call a time out.


9 thoughts on “I need a change

  1. You deserve a career (not just a job) where you’ll be excited, challenged and appreciated for what you do. You’re not asking for much. It’s about time to move on and find a “grown up” career, rather than a spoiled kid job. 😀

  2. as a full time student, i do almost all my topic papers or projects, all night long and sleep at morning. Some times even if i started to do paper in the day time, my mind can not think of any thing other than “do this later”. After reading your post it seems working lately is a “pain of missing life”. i wish these career can offer some kind of fun to this meaningful life.

    • I remember those days. I used to procrastinate like crazy and pull all nighters all the time. I finally made myself start at least two nights before so that I could slack off a little more, and get a few hours sleep the night before.

      I don’t mean to make work sound all that awful. I had to work from 10am – 8am (yes, you read that right), then start at 11am again that day (yes, you read that right too). It was a rough day so I think I was just venting. Work really isn’t all that bad. There was a period where I really loved working these hours because it was exciting. I still do love advertising deep down, but just that my priorities have changed, and I don’t think this industry can provide me with what I want. You will find a career that will make you happy to go to work everyday. Be it for the work, opportunities, people, work environment, etc. But every job will hit a point like mine, when you know you have to move on.

      Good luck with your studies and thanks for leaving a comment. Oh, most importantly, always make sure that you have a life outside of work. That’s what makes life meaningful and fun 🙂

  3. advertisig industry can be very unethical….creating needs and insecurities that don’t exist otherwise. Hope u find sth more meaningful and exciting. All the best

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting 🙂 The industry does have its cons, but the exciting part is how fast paced it is. Several people I know who have left, said it was because they wanted to give back to society in more meaningful ways.

  4. I got quite a laugh reading your profile from Addies page….”trapped” in advertising made me smile. Have you seen the series Mad Men? I look at advertising and marketing with disgust. My lens may very well be jaded, but at least I use my lens. In business school we learned all about how marketing is used as a means to help customers meet their needs and wants…in reality it is the science of viewing humans like economic units and attempting to extract as much money as possible from those economic units via all kinds of tricks and temptations.

    I got trapped in finance with Fortune 500 companies and began to hate my job and the behavior of people pulling the puppet strings. When I was younger I simply jumped around every three to four years to different companies and locations (Europe) which made working bearable. If I could do it all over, I would focus on working for a really small company or my own company…nothing fancy…just hard work and people interaction that enables you to make enough money to enjoy life. Of course the kicker is many people that own their own business have no life. It is a conundrum. We use and burn our young people to the meaningless ends of those that control the puppet strings. Your post above makes me angry…you are young and intelligent, but you are being exploited as was I.

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