I. Love. Food.

I’ve been a masochistic for the past 3 hours.  Inflicting painful self torture upon my growling stomach.  I’ve been surfing pictures of drool-worthy food on Pinterest, bookmarking recipes, constantly reminding myself of what I can’t eat.  A reason being my home kitchen closes after 8pm.  Bigger reason being that I can’t cook.  I know.  Shameful.  *hides quietly in corner*

I. Love. Food.   I. Love. Eating.

Love is really an understatement.  My life has been known to revolve around my stomach.  I don’t snack, but chow down during meal times.  I also have a confession that may make you hate me, even without knowing me (I think that will actually add onto the hatred).  I’m one of those annoying, almost-gravity-defying people, who can pretty much eat twice my own body weight without gaining a single pound.  I’m 163cm/5″4 and weigh 45kg/100lbs.  My biggest  feat (that I can remember) is eating 2 appetisers, followed by a 22oz steak (all meat, no bone), and having room for dessert (which I didn’t order because I had begun to freak myself out).  I have eaten to the point of throwing up.  Twice.  Science says I have high metabolism.  N is convinced I have worms.  The worm theory doesn’t really scare me.   I don’t get sick, I feel fine, nothing seems to be wrong with me health-wise (okay, except for high cholesterol).  We seem to have a endosymbiotic relationship.  Happy worms = Happy P  🙂

If you picture a heat-sensing missile searching and locking onto its target.  That’s me when I’m near food.  I have to find the biggest/yummiest/fullest/perfect piece.  I’m not rude when it comes to food though.  My muscles don’t reflex immediately to grab it (my parents have brought me up with manners).  I am a civil eater.  Although my friends and my love know to clear the path for me.  It takes a lot for, and out of me to share.  When I offer my Dad something, his first reaction is to say, “you’re either full or it’s not good.”  It’s sad, but true.  It’s more often the latter.

I haven’t always been a happy eater.  My parents will be the first to testify my aversion to food when younger.  They have to find ways to manipulate me to eat.  Seems like I am more than making up for all those meals now  😉

(Just in case I need to declare this somewhere: I don’t own any of these images, and got them all from Pinterest)


Fauchon Chocolate Truffles

My newest discovery today.

My coworker got a box from her client (I’d be lucky if my client even gave me feedback on time), and gave me one.  Not a fan of chocolate pieces, bars, candy, etc but thought I’d try one.

Oh. Em. Gee.

These are THE MOST amazing chocolates I have ever had the guilt-free pleasure of devouring!!

Want. More. Now.

I’m going to Paris next month so I’m hoping my lovely N will take me for some more  😉

Creativity on leave

A little annoyed at myself for my creative brain for being on hiatus for too long. Need to get myself back into reading, being inspired, and having the same passion for writing and expressing myself that I used to have. It isn’t uncommon for me to take a break from writing every once in a while, but it needs to stop, or at least become less frequent. I get angry at myself for losing the love and awe I have for words.

Come on inspiration. Clock yourself back in with passion.