Boys are stupid

One of my bestest girlfriends from uni wanted to buy this poster for her wall, and no, she isn’t single and is almost engaged to her guy of 7 years. “Boys Are Stupid” will for ever be a mantra that I chant to myself, especially when one exasperates the hell out of me.

I am convinced that there is something in the little leg that is missing from the X chromosome, thus making it a Y chromosome, that makes all boys stupid. Boys Are Stupid. I’m sorry if that offends you, but I have yet to meet a boy (as all members of the male species are so, and will for ever be) who is an exception to this fact. All guys will manage to find that one way to piss us off by being stupid.

You’d think that with age, comes maturity. Turns out, they are mutually exclusive of one another. Being older doesn’t always equal acting older. Some guys even manage to have inverse relationship between these two variables.

Some guys aren’t intentionally stupid. They may genuinely not know how to act or think. I’m talking more about those guys that intentionally try to aggravate us to get a reaction. They do this out of fear, insecurity, boredom, or are convinced they are being clever. For some reason, to these guys, if the fan is spinning and it’s clean, they run around in a frenzy looking for whatever sh*t/dirt/dust to throw at it. Existing or not. It’s as though you running around, trying to keep a clean room isn’t showing them that you care. Looks easy to them because there’s nothing to see. No actual cleaning going on. Just light dusting. Probably looks like lazy work. What they need is proof. Evidence. More action. They need to see you cleaning crap up from this room, sometimes even scrubbing on your hands and knees to show them that you are physically cleaning. The sh*t is needed for extra effect so you can see the before, during, and after more clearly. Light dusting of a white room still maintains the appearance of a white room. Perhaps some sparkles if you look closely (but we all know how boys don’t look closely at things they should be looking at). However, turning a mucky room into a white sparkling room.. now that’s an obvious comparison to them.

Boys don’t understand that it takes consistent effort to keep a room clean. To keep the dust away. It’s so much easier to manage the small things to keep the overall order of everything. Letting mess pile up, or finding trash to throw into this room, to spend your time and effort cleaning from 10 back to 0 takes A LOT of energy. It takes A LOT of heart. It’s draining. But do boys understand this?



Because. Boys. Are. Stupid.

..…equally as crazy, we always find some way to fall in love with them.


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