So happy

I really am.  I’m beaming from the inside out 😀  My heart can’t stop smiling, my brain stop thinking about him, and my heart can’t stop missing him.  He was here from one weekend to the next.  A few days before that, I was with him from one weekend to the next, plus a few days, and a week before that, we spent a weekend together.  I’ve been so spoiled and getting used to being with him almost all the time.  I gets harder and harder to part, and I curse the distance more with every “bye” but I know we will be together in the future.  He only gives me confidence when we are together.  I love him so much that my blood is just singing.  I’m truly the luckiest person in this world.  To be blessed with a family like mine, friends like mine, and a love like mine.  Even though we have our ups and downs, the most important thing I can never forget is that he is doing everything he can to be with me.  He spends time with my parents, both together and one-on-one, he told my Dad he wants to marry me the second time they met, he is spreading the word and his resume to bring himself home to me, he talks about me to everyone and how we both know we will get married to each other, and throughout the fights we have, he is still there.  He hasn’t walked away.  Despite what he says some times, his actions show that he is here.  For me.  For us.  I’m so so so lucky.


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