Capturing our early magic

Today was the first time in so many months that I feel like we’ve captured the magic we felt in the early days of our relationship. We talked. All day. Chatting during the day and over webcam at night. I haven’t felt so close and intimate with him for so long. I didn’t realise how much our problems had us chained up. I feel so light and free now. Knowing that he’s not stopping me from doing anything, I just need to talk to him and open up about the things I do.

“I love you and just want us to be able in the future to avoid those misunderstandings and understand each other perfectly heart and soul by going to the knowing each other part know by talking our hearts. I want to be your soul and heart mate and you to be mine”

We spoke about what we did during the day, the percentage of people in the world who had access to the basic necessities in life, our upcoming trip to France, his exercise routine and the contraptions in the gym that he uses, conversations we had during the day.. Simple, random, normal topics, full of laughter, and just.. perfect. 😀 We didn’t even realise that almost 4 hours had passed by!!

When you’re far, you have to hold on to every moment that makes you smile. I don’t think either one of us have smiled or felt free in a long time. I really feel like we’re on the road to getting us back, and I know we’re going to fall even deeper in love with each other during our journey. I’m so happy and I feel more confident about myself, about him, and about us. 😀


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